bill gates

Tintumon wrote a letter to bill gates: Sir, i have some questions to ask..

1. The keyboard alphabets are not in order.. when will you release the corrected version?

2. There is a START button .. but nothing called.. STOP

3. We learnt MS word.. when will you release MS sentence..?

4. There is recycle bin, but no rescooter bin. why ?

Finally one personal question:
Why is your name gates.. even though you sell windows..??


Tintumon was habing a habit of eating nails of his hands.. his parents sent him to ramdev baba for studying yoga...

Now Tintumon can also eat nails of his leg.. !!


Tintumon: Kurachu divasam mumbu ente apoopan kinattil veenu, orupadu pariku pati.. orupadu ocha vachu..

Dundumon: Ippam enganeundu ?

Tintumon: Ippam kuyapamillanu thonnunnu.. innale muthal kinatil ninnu ocha onnum kelkunilla..


Tintu came from israel with a case of scotch. At airport, customs officer asked: enthado pettikullil?

tintumon: venjiricha vellamanu sir.

officer opened it and asked: ithu full madyam aanallodo?

tintumon: ente karthave aa albutham veendum sambavicho? nee veendum vellam veenjaki matiyallo.. praise the lord.. !!


girl: will u marry me?

tintumon: no, in our family, we marry only relatives..
My mom married dad. aunt married uncle. so, i will marry only my wife.. !!


dundumon: pennu kanan pokumbol pennu kaal viral kondu vara varakkunathu enthina?

tintumon: kalyanam kayinjal varacha varayil nirthum ennu kaanikkaan.. !!